Outcome based evaluations as overview from Utah State Libraries:
This is a breakdown of outcome measures (also known as outcome based measures) in essay form written by someone from California. "Most libraries systematically measure their inputs (resources) and their outputs (activities)....The library's perceived value is usually related to these measures of the quality and quantity of effort."

"OM helps us quantify our users' success stories to demonstrate the library's value in terms of quality of effect."
This is the governments page which describes why the outcome based evaluations and how they are tied into the grants. "IMLS has responded to your need to know what difference our services make by developing a model of outcomes-based planning and evaluation as one foundation of our grant making."\
This is a list of 134 grants that have been awarded to the state of Utah since 1997 which include five from 2010.
This is a beautifully done report of what has been going on in IMLS up to the current time.

This is the organization chart of the library